Our assignment is to preach, teach, train and ordain, coach and mentor. Also, to develop and help facilitate new ministry startups as well as to re-launch ministries as the Lord shall lead. I hope you will enjoy and find reward in my writings.


All the times I have gone to church services, and have listened very carefully to the spoken words grabbing at every word.  I was a single parent and was not able to give my children a lot of material things.  The one thing I was committed to was giving them my faith.  I always felt that maybe there were a few things that they missed out on but I realize they did not.  With this book I understand, I gave to them exactly the one thing they needed.  They believe in God, understand him and they can pray to him.  I gave them a relationship with God.  What a powerful book and testimonial.

Joyce Gladstone

Hits the Target

Bishop Davis hits the target with this book on the importance of making our relationship with Christ our number one priority.

Norma Cousins

Uplifting, Inspiring, Encouraging

Having the opportunity of being around Bishop Davis and his teachings, this book brought back memories for me.  It was very uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging.  You won’t be disappointed.

Robert Jones

Pull Out and Read Often

Bishop Davis has written a book that should be pulled out and read often, to make sure that the one necessary thing remains ‘The One Necessary thing….Relationship.’

Pastor Bev